Adult Education

In order to make it possible for trainees to obtain the necessary job skills, CET integrates basic education in reading and mathematics as well as vocational English instruction for those who have had less formal education or who have limited English-speaking proficiency. Vocational English and basic education skills are integrated into skill training and are taught in the context of the specific occupational skill in which the trainee is enrolled.

GED Instruction

Trainees without a GED will be permitted to enroll in CET, but they will not be eligible for federal student aid, and they must obtain their GED before program completion. GED instructors from Campbell County Skills U are available on-site. CET trainees in need of their GED generally will attend GED classes in four-week GED sessions prior to beginning coursework in their skill division.

Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE)

The Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) is designed to effectively assess both the knowledge and skills of adult learners. A type of knowledge and aptitude test, TABE is ideal for those adult learners who want to further their college education or enroll in college for the first time. It can often be difficult to know exactly where we stand knowledge wise in relation to specific general education topics. TABE can pinpoint key areas of both strength and weakness and assist us as we work with you students to create a program that exactly meets with your unique needs.

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